HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program; it is an investment that promises high return on investment, such as 1% or more per day. For example 20% after 1 day , that means if someone invest $100 in a HYIP he will get $20 return after 1day. Investors can make profit from HYIP trough investment plans, referral commission, return principal, compounding and referral commission back also (from monitor). Normally HYIP offers different types of investment plans such as long-term, midterm and short term plans. From long-term plans investors can earn 0.5% to 1.5% daily for 150 days or more even a year. Investors earn 1.6% to 5% or more daily for 15 days or a month. Investor will receive principal after finish the plan. Mid-term HYIPs have normal risk. On the other hand from short term HYIPs investors can earn 100% to 200% even more after 1 day or after few hours. It is high risky plan. Some HYIP offers weekly program plan also.\\r\\n\\r\\n It is saying that HYIPs invest their fund in various sector, such as stock exchange, Foresx trading. To make high return they invest in sports betting, metal betting and real estate also. Sometime one HYIP invests in other HYIPs. \\r\\n\\r\\nInvest in HYIP is very easy and any one can invest from around the globe. Everyday more than thousand of peoples invest in various HYIP. To collect new investor HYIPs operators run different types of promotional activities via website, monitor site, blog and different social media. Now a day’s HYIP is much easier due to development of digital payment systems and HYIP operators can accept payment from people worldwide. Generally electronic money systems are accepted by HYIP operators because they are more accessible to operators than any traditional merchant accounts. Bit coin and perfect money are most popular and effective payment tolls of international electronic settlement. By sitting at home one investor can make investment and get earned money instantly from around the world. In addition, HYIP operators accept large no of small investment from worldwide.Though HYIP is very profitable but there is also high chance of loss, because most programs do not survive for very long time. Some HYIPs open and SCAM very fast even finish within 1-5 days and don’t pay to investor. So if you want to make profit from HYIPs then you should invest at long term program because it is low risk with your money. You can also choose a program which pays reasonable returns. For example 0.5% daily for 120 days may be a reasonable offer but 120% after 1 day or after 10 hours is not a reasonable offer. Before making an investment in a HYIP you have to do some research first and you have to invest at an early enough stage to get return, and then withdraw money before the program / HYIP collapses.

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